The 1 Tool for Theological Reflections That You Absolutely Need

The 1 Tool for Theological Reflections That You Absolutely Need

We have discussed how we can do theological reflections previously. I recommend this one tool for theological reflections for most lay people not trained theologically out there. While this may not be necessary for those who are highly astute or trained, I have used this tool a lot in my research for my reflections. Friends who know me will recognise that I use this tool a lot for my studies. 

And I introduce to you Logos Bible Software by Faithlife. Logos Bible Software targets at Christians who want to do deeper personal studies into the Bible. It is also designed for teachers and preachers of the Word to provide them with resources to prepare their teaching. Theological reflections require us to study deeper into the stuff we are reflecting. And Logos provides just the tool!

Personally, I have utilised Logos to:

  • Memorise my Greek vocabulary
  • Do grammatical diagramming on my Greek New Testament
  • Prepare sermon scripts
  • Do word studies on the Bible
  • Research deeper into commentaries
  • Do my daily Bible reading
  • And many more.

From this list alone, you can tell that this tool for theological reflections packs a lot in one app.

How to Get Logos 

Logos offers different packages for different people. Each of these packages come with the software features as well as a library. For starter, I will say that you can consider clicking the link and get the free version of Logos. If you want the whole feature set of Logos, then you will need to purchase the Gold package at the very least. The Gold package onwards will also include bible commentaries and other resources which you will find helpful along the way. If you are a seminary student, you may also try the Logos Academic Basic Package.

If you are convinced that Logos is the way to go and you are a seminary student, you may even apply for academic discount here. This will allow you to enjoy more discount than usual, which the general public would not have access to. 

The Logos Basic Package

The Basic package comes with Faithlife’s own Bible translation (LEB), the Lexham Bible dictionary and a pocket lexicon for Greek. This is not a lot to begin with but it will provide everyone something to start with. However, I will also highlight that the basic version allows you to do a word study with a few clicks. To illustrate the usefulness of this, the traditional process requires one to go to a theological library and search the interlinear bible and concordances. Logos shortcuts the process and brings you directly to the analysis. You will then see something like this:

Having taught a few classes on how to do this in my Bible college, this never fails to amaze my peers on the amount of work done in the few clicks. 

Learning how to use Logos as a Tool for Theological Reflections

Most people are initially turned off by how complex the software looks. However, once you are acquainted with Logos, I am sure you will find the software an invaluable tool to do your studies. It will help you in your theological reflections. This is especially true for people who may not know biblical languages but yet want to have access to some of these materials.

There are definitely other free tools out there such as bible hub and bible study tools. But after experimenting with everything, I must say that even the Basic package of Logos beats the other free tools. It is simply the best tool for theological reflections, I must submit.

So why not try it yourself? Let me know what you think of Logos!


I graduated from the National University of Singapore where I came to know Christ during his undergraduate days after studying the historicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ. My personal mission is to lead adult Christ disciples to engage the world with sound and biblical reasoning. And I am married to my pretty wife Angelina.

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