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Hi, thanks for visiting The Reflecting Theologian blog. My name is Huanyan, the Singaporean-based “Reflecting Theologian”. I am currently a serving member of Hope Singapore. I am currently involved in the development of the Christian education with my church. Concurrently, I’m also teaching in the education classes in areas such as book studies, church history and apologetics. Concurrently, I am leading a group of four lifegroups together with my wife, Angelina. For those curious how we got together, you can read our story here. You can also watch the video below: 

Why This Blog

I have started this blog to record my theological reflections and to make sense of my world in the Christian theological framework. You may ask – why such a blog? Well, I am convicted that the Christian faith has something relevant to say to the world. And with the increasing prominence of social media and internet, Christians need to engage the world with our reflections. We cannot sit within our own holy huddle and complain about the good old days. 

I remember during one of my Biblical Interpretation classes while I was doing my Masters of Divinity, my lecturer challenged the class to think about how we can engage the world with all the technologies available to us. Moreover, when he was giving us our reflection assignments, he shared with us that if we don’t share our Christian messages to the world, the others will share their own message. This prompted me to rethink how I engaged the world.

So one of the calling of this blog is to inspire Christians to share their theological reflections with the world, and also for me to share mine. In the process, I will share how I do my reflections, why reflections are important and how it will shape the way we live our lives. I will also write about how we can improve on our bible study skills, teaching the Bible and discuss theological issues. I believe this will be an exciting journey. 

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I am also sharing my conversion story, for those who are curious. This deserves a different page on its own and you may read my story here. For this testimony, I have followed the standard advice and tried to make it succinct. I pray that the story will perhaps inspire those who have not known Christ to at least consider Him for a start. 

 Let us know in the comments if there are other topics that you would like us to talk about.