About My Christian Testimony

My Christian Testimony

Welcome to my blog. My name is Huanyan. In this page, I will share about my Christian testimony on how I became a Christian. I pray that the story will speak into your life and help you reflect about your own eternity as well.

Before I became a Christian

The year was 2005. I entered into the National University of Singapore (NUS) as a very arrogant young man. To give a little bit of background, I just completed my National Service (NS) and got a place with NUS with an A’Level score of three “A”s and one “B”. I got that score after only studying for one subject and deciding not to study for the other three subjects. That contributed to my arrogance.

On top of that, I was a young man who was going after successes. I wanted to be materially successful, after having dabbled with a little multi-level marketing during my NS days. I was after academic success, believing that I could come on top of anyone without much effort. While I was nominally a Buddhist/Taoist, I did not feel that I needed a God whom I can depend on on a regular basis. I felt that I could just depend on myself. That was the kind of man I was when I first entered NUS.

It started with a group of friends

As I entered NUS, I got to know a group of Christians who were running freshmen programmes with a non-profit organisation – Generation ACTS. We had fun together with these freshmen and I eventually started hanging out with these people.

It was this group of friends which I hung up with

Over the course of the next six months, these people connected with me in a tireless fashion. As two of them lived near my home, Bukit Panjang, they will almost ask me out for supper every other day. Since one of them was a history major, we hit it off and often go to school together. However, while I was aware that they wanted me to become a Christian, I ignored their approach and continued to enjoy the friendship with them.

It was in the middle of my first semester that “disaster” struck me. I had submitted a few assignments and the grades were not good. At least they were not as good as I expected – certainly not the kind of grades if you want an “A” for the module. Needless to say, I was devastated, distressed and desperate. It was at that time when I needed prayer and some additional support.

The softening of heart

And the group of friends came and volunteered to journey along with me. I remembered that they prayed for me and with me when I was stressed up with my assignments and exam preparation. Along the way, I witnessed how this group of people was living their lives depending on God and the warmth of the Christian community. The way that they lived their lives was just so different from what I had witnessed thus far. I also realised that I perhaps really need a God in my life whom I can really depend on. This led me to reconsider the possibility of becoming a Christian.

Finally, after my Semester 1 examinations, I found myself in a church service and my friends asked me this question, “how about giving Jesus Christ a try? If this does not work out for you, you are always free to walk out.” Knowing that I have an escape clause from there, I decided to take the plunge and accept Jesus Christ into my life.

The day I received Christ
The day I received Christ into my life

After I became a Christian

Life did not suddenly change after I became a Christian. But as I learned more about Jesus Christ and the faith, I began to realise that there was more to life than chasing after successes. In Christ, I find my purpose to glorify God wherever I go. This means that successes matter now less than how I live my life in Christ and whether I am serving Him according to where He has led me. In Christ, I found hope of eternal life and that I do not need to fear for my own life, whenever and wherever I am and whatever I experience. This means that God’s grace totally bought over me and I avail myself to be used by Him for His Kingdom. And in case  you are wondering, God did salvage my results at the end of the semester.

Becoming a Christian is the most important decision one can ever make. I hope that this blog will totally edify you and help you to learn more about Christianity better.

I will want to hear your story as well. Send me an email here and I will get back to you!