Theological Journals online – 6 Easy Places to find them

Theological Journals online – 6 Easy Places to find them

In order to facilitate the mission of this blog, I have a page dedicated to the tools required for theological reflections. I have also talked about the use of Logos Bible Software in one of my posts. However, out of the several resources I listed, I realised that I should talk about finding theological journals online.

Journals are useful resources as they often document some of the research which had not found their ways into books. This means that they often contain gems useful for research and reflections. In this post, I will highlight some of the websites that I have found useful to access these theological journals online. I will also do a brief evaluation of these online sites to ascertain their usefulness.

theological journals online

Finding Theological Journals Online is a worldwide ethics network based in Geneva, with an international Board of Foundation of eminent persons. Its website allows readers to register an account for free and thus gains access to the journals it subscribes to. Besides Christian journals, Globethics also subscribes to quite a number of other relevant journals addressing ethical issues. For those who are researching on applied ethics, it is a treasure trove. On top of that, it implemented a project “Online Chinese Christianity Collection.” For those researching on China missions, this is another source of information.  

Overall, in terms of journals, I say that is an indispensable website to search for journal articles. It is accessible to all and not restricted to any nationality and religion. With its admirable collections of journals, this is a good free source of theological journals online. 

NLB E-resource

For Singaporeans, the National Library Board has invested quite a big deal to bring e-resources to us. Singaporeans can easily access JSTOR and other journal databases when they login with their NLB library ID. For those familiar with JSTOR, they will know that there is a wide collections of journal collections.

However, my only gripe with the collections is the recency of the journal articles. Depending on the topic you are searching for, you may not get the most recent articles. This may heavily impede the variety of articles one gets in their research. Nevertheless, I find this source a worthy one due to its diversity. It is worthy as it is worth a try to find articles that you may need. 

Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies

There are some journals which may not be available in some of the databases. One of these, as far as I know, is the Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies. Thankfully, the PDF versions of the journal are available on their website. For students of theology looking into Pentecostalism, this is a definite must-go-to journal. The articles are written by prominent Pentecostal scholars, and so they are worth taking a look. And they do upload their latest articles on the website.

Journal of Evangelical Theological Society 

For those who are dwelling into broader evangelical theology, you can consider looking out for articles in the Journal of Evangelical Theological Society. Unfortunately, the current available collection is only recent up to 2015 as of the time of writing. This is another excellent journal which I refer to from time to time, especially in writing my papers. I do think that the broad base of issues covered is something that is worth mentioning and exploring. 

Biblical Studies

Similar to Globethics, is a collection of Christian literature, including theological journals. However, the collection here is mostly out of date though users can probably still find valuable resources here.

Evangelical Review of Theology

This is a theological journal edited and published by the World Evangelical Commission. It has been made free recently and this series of journal features a number of good articles on the evangelical movement. I do suggest that people who are interested in missiology to take a serious look at the articles.

I may have missed out other online journal websites but these are the ones which I will refer to. If you have any other ideas where we can find theological journals online, do drop me a note in the comments. 


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