What are some new year resolutions you can set for the new year?

What are some new year resolutions you can set for the new year?

As I was typing this post, 2017 was coming to an end. We were preparing to welcome 2018. And I believe that setting new year resolutions is something one will do every year. As a Christian, I have come to believe that this is a good practice but it may get a little self-centred at times. There are times when one sets new year resolutions that are too difficult to attain. Sometimes, we just recycle the resolutions from previous years. So as I was reflecting about 2018, I decided to share some of the worthy resolutions that a Christian can set for this coming new year. 

New Year Resolution #1: Finish reading the Bible this coming year

In this new year, as you are setting your new year resolutions, why not make reading the bible one of them. As the Bible says, all Scriptures are Spirit-inspired and profitable for teaching, rebuking and encouragement (2 Timothy 3:16). This means that bible reading is an indispensable component of our spiritual life. If you have not been faithful in your bible reading, this may be a worthy resolution to commit for the new year. 

And there are many ways to attain this resolution. If you are struggling to enjoy the Bible, you may try one of the methods that I have mentioned in this post. For accountability measure, you can also try reading the Bible with a friend. This way, the both of you can spur one another towards attaining the goal. If you need a reading plan, you can try YouVersion’s reading plans. You can read my page on theological resources for more information.

In short, make this a non-negotiable resolution this year. You never know how much you can glean from reading the whole Bible this coming year. 

New Year Resolution #2: Grow in your maturity in Christ

Another resolution that I can think of is to grow in your maturity. I have posted about the markers for maturity and how to grow spiritually. Thus this is something I will not elaborate much. However, being a Christian means we have to grow. And growing is non-negotiable. We simply cannot afford to be comfortable Christians and be contented with just justification without sanctification. 

New Year Resolution #3: Grow in your ministry skills and service to God

As we mature, we want to commit to a local church and start serving as well. If you are a Christian, but not committed to a local church, I encourage you to do so this coming year. When we belong to a Christian community, we gain accountability and support from the community. This allows us to grow and mature in Christ. It also provides us an avenue to show Christ-like love to the people. 

And if you are already serving in a local church, you will want to grow in your ministry skills. There are several ministry skills that we need to constantly develop. For leaders, leadership skill is non-negotiable but ditto for our biblical and theological foundation as well. Hence, if you are a leader, it is good for you to resolve to attend the Christian education classes your church organises. Leaders should never think that we are “already there.”

And if you are a serving member, do consider getting better trained for your ministry. If you serve in intercessory ministry, do consider studying about the theology of praying. Try to move beyond the normal intercessory classes that others offer. If you are an usher, consider reading up on biblical hospitality.

In short, if we are serious about growing the Kingdom of God, growing our skills and competencies for ministry beyond what we already attained is a natural step for us to take this coming year.  

New Year Resolution #4: Grow in new skills for the future

This brings me to my next point. We not only want to grow our skills for ministries, but do consider growing our skills for life as well. As some of you know, I have started a path to learn other skills such as ethical hacking to build my own skills this year. And I have explained why this is relevant for all of us

There are many avenues for us to grow our own skills, but the principle is that we cannot afford to remain stagnant. We cannot be complacent and think that there is nothing left for us to learn. I remember attending a marriage conference once with my father-in-law. He said after the first day that he will not be attending the second day. The reason was because he already knew everything. But as I observed his life, I realised that much of what he thought he knew, he never ‘knew.’ It was never shown in his life. And that is one lesson for me – to never think that I really know everything.

So what are the other new year resolutions that you think we can set for this coming new year? Do think about something that is really worth the time and effort. And share with me in the comments below!


I graduated from the National University of Singapore where I came to know Christ during his undergraduate days after studying the historicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ. My personal mission is to lead adult Christ disciples to engage the world with sound and biblical reasoning. And I am married to my pretty wife Angelina.

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