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Four Questions Young Adults Ask in Church on Valentine’s Day

As we enter February, there’s another occasion that’s arguably closer to a young man or woman’s heart. No prizes for guessing what it is: Valentine’s Day.   Rather than shy away from romantic love, let’s take the

The beginning of the story of Huanyangelina

On this post, I will share the story of Huanyangelina, or how our love story begins. We believe that it is important for us to share our story. Here, we will share where we started off and

The theological reality of married life

Recently, I was talking to a someone who was having issue with his own married life. This is something that most married couples can identified with. The couple married but ended up struggling with their differences in

Dating, Relationship, Marriage – Some thoughts in our search for life partners

Dating, relationship, marriage – these are issues that trouble our young adults in church today. At the very least, these are some of the major concerns they have. I recently chanced across this post. Reading the post

Five Opportunities to Proclaim the Gospel in Your Church Wedding

What about Church Wedding? You know the drill for church wedding ceremonies—a march-in, a ceremony and a big catered reception. At my own wedding on 22 October 2016, I didn’t want it to be just another ceremony.