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Obed Edom: Another Simple Word Study in the Old Testament

In my past two posts, I have demonstrated how we can do word studies in the New Testament. I used the word “hypsoo” and the words “logos” and “rhema” as the case studies. We can do the

Logos and Rhema – Another example of word study in the Bible

In a previous post, I posted a word study on “lifted up” or “hypsoo.” I do realise that doing word studies can clarify some of the terminologies we use in church. Another example would be the use

“Lifted up” – An example of word study in the Bible

Some time back, I had a conversation with a friend. She told me that when Christians sing “God I lift you up,” they are actually singing “crucify Jesus” without realising it. Therefore, she held a suspicion towards

The Eighth Sign in the Gospel of John

For those who have done some studies in the gospel of John, the seven signs will be familiar to them. They will have studied each sign in the gospel of John and contemplated on their significances. However,

Importance of History in Christianity: Eight Reasons

History is easily one of the most misunderstood disciplines, especially in Singapore. Here in Singapore, students often have the impression that history is a subject to memorise. And they spend time memorising their textbooks that they fail

Three Wise Men – was it really true?

Since this is the Christmas season, let’s ask ourselves this: How many wise men were there when they visited Jesus and how old was Jesus back then? Was there three wise men? Most illustrations we have from

How to Enjoy Reading the Bible

Recently, I attended a class on mentoring. During the Q&A session, there was a question asking how we can encourage people to enjoy the Bible. While we did not have time to address the issue, most of

10 years series for the Christian faith

10 years series in Singapore As students in Singapore, we are familiar with this thing called the “10 years series.” This is a series of past-year examination papers from the GCE O and A’level. Maybe people are

Two Thoughts on Proclaiming the Bible in Lifegroups

Proclaiming the Bible is more than just preaching Just because we are small group leaders (life group leaders in the context of my church) does not mean that we are not involved in the process of proclaiming

Why do you need a theological education if you are a Christian

“So, you are doing a theological education. Good for you, but I prefer to just love God and His people.” This is one conversation that I have with many people. In fact, I do find that there